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Internet2 Projects

Patricia in Barcelona teaching students in Sao Paulo, BrazilVery interested in finding ways of integrating new technologies, especially Internet, in the education system, Patricia has develop several projects using Internet of second generation

She has implemented the I2 technology for the Barcelona Festival Of Song in collaboration with Institutions such as I2Cat Foundation, Anella Cultural and the Centro Cultural Sao Paulo.

Thanks to this collaboration since 2012, the festival has presented concerts and classes simultaneously between Brazil and Barcelona.

These experiences have lead her to write and research on subjects such as interactivity and to reflect on the new tools artists need to acquire in order to be tune with a historic moment determined by new technologies.







Picture of the interactive concert between Brasil and Barcelona celebrated in the Barcelona Festival of Song 2014.

Since 2012 the Barcelona Festival of Song presents interactive concerts, that are done simultaneously in Barcelona and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Click on the image to watch the Interactive concert celebrated during the 2014 Barcelona Festival of Song. 













Mundo Arts TV

Patricia is the founder of Mundo Arts TV - an online channel dedicated to promoting Latin-American & Iberian Classical Music and Arts.

On the channel you will find concerts and interviews of important performers and composers in Spanish and English. It also includes cultural news about Barcelona and videos from the Barcelona Festival of Song. You can start enjoying the channel by clicking in 

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